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Welcome to Flipcaster. Where we are flipping out awesome content that will help you be more productive and give you techie ninja skills.  This is where we will feed your appetite for awesome. If you are looking for Tips, Tricks, App reviews, screen casts, tech news, and all things awesome you are in the right place. 

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Welcome to the Flipcaster Blog Feed. This is where we will feed your appetite for awesome. If you are looking for Tips, Tricks, and all things awesome you are in the right place. 


Roomie Remote Universal Remote for iOS

Brandon Rasmussen


We have a problem at my house. We spend a good amount of time each day trying to find remote controls. My kids have made watching TV a ongoing game of hide and seek. I came across this app last night and decided to give it a try in hopes of solving my remote control dilemma. I was not disappointed. Roomie is an iOS app that allows you to connect to and control your home theater equipment and even some home automation devices. 

Roomie Remote is an iPhone/iPad Universal Remote able to control many home theater components with unmatched support for IP control. Controlling devices directly via IP control requires that Roomie and your component can communicate over your Wi-Fi network. A key advantage of IP controllable devices is often that they provide additional feedback not possible via infrared because the IP connection is bi-directional. If you are wondering if your devices are comparable with the Roomie app you can check out the Roomie compatibility list.

Support for infrared devices is enabled by a Roomie Blaster adapter available with Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The Roomie Service purchased inside Roomie is required for infrared control for any other adapter or with Roomie versions prior to 3.0. With the Roomie Blaster in your room you will be able to control any infrared devices like your TV, DVD, BlueRay, or home sound system. I haven't had a chance to try the app out with the Blaster adapter but I plan to add one very soon.



I set up the app to control my Dish Network Hopper DVR and my Joey set top boxes in about five minutes. It even pulled in my Dish channel guide after a little configuration. I then added the three Apple TV's and my iTunes remote on my iMac. Now I am able to control all of them all from the Roomie Remote. I even added my Nest Thermostat so I can control my heat and A/C from the remote.

Here is a quick rundown of the cost of the app and other in app purchases you may want to add.

ROOMIE Solo: Give Roomie a try for free

  • Try Roomie for free
  • Lets you connect a limited amount of devices

ROOMIE Home Theater and Automation App for iOS $9.99

  • Includes control of three devices to start
  • Add Device 10-Packs as your system grows
  • Add Roomie Service interactive media guides
  • 2015 Home Technology App of the Year
  • Unmatched IP Control for Thousands of Devices
  • Nest, Insteon and SmartThings Automation
  • Apple TV Media Guide
  • Sonos PLAYBAR Media Guide now with TV input

ROOMIE SERVICE TV/DVR/Media Guides, Triggers, Apple Watch $16.99  (This is an in app purchase)

  • Local cable, satellite, antenna TV guides
  • DVR recording and playback for DISH and TiVo
  • Auto-switch rooms with iBeacon proximity
  • Trigger activities by time or device
  • One tap backup and restore
  • Third-party infrared adapter control
  • Roomie Agent control
  • Now includes support for Apple Watch

Device 10 Pack Expand Your System $19.99 (This is an in app purchase)

  • Allows control of additional devices
  • Add 10-packs as your system grows
  • Fourth 10-pack adds unlimited devices

The gallery above are screen shots of Roomie running on my iPad. It was easy to set up and had more functionallity than I ever dreamed.  I have been extremely impressed with the Roomie Remote and its responsiveness. I purchased the app and added the Roomie Service to allow me to have the Media Guides and added features. It also activated the ability to use your Apple Watch as a remote. The app gives you a lot of control of the layout of the remotes and macro automations. It also has a feature to sync your config to Dropbox to make it easy to run Roomie on all of your iOS devices. I set up all the devices and settings how I wanted them on my iPad and quickly synced them over to my iPhone.