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Welcome to Flipcaster. Where we are flipping out awesome content that will help you be more productive and give you techie ninja skills.  This is where we will feed your appetite for awesome. If you are looking for Tips, Tricks, App reviews, screen casts, tech news, and all things awesome you are in the right place. 


What is Flipcaster?

Flipcaster is the blog and sounding board of Brandon Rasmussen. Brandon is currently a Programmer Analyst at Southern Utah University. He has also worked as a Network Administrator and Help Desk Director at Southern Utah University. He has worked in Higher Education for over 10 years. He also spent 2 years prior to joining the IT team at Southern Utah working in K12 education with Iron County School District. He is passionate about technology in the classroom and uses this unique point of view to help others learn and understand current technology that can help them to be more productive in and out of the classroom. Brandon is also a Co-Founder and Owner of Lexington Media Group LLC. Lexington is a technology startup based in Southern Utah that specializes in web development, design, and consulting. This experience and expertise gives him a unique perspective into how to use technology in the arena of business and how it can be used to get an edge over the competition. 

Why did Brandon Start Flipcaster?

Brandon wanted to have a place to share ideas and expertise that he gained to help others. Brandon is a husband to a wife that is completely blind, a challenging situation to say the least. Together Brandon and his wife Nicole have four young children. Brandon has used his expertise in Technology to help improve the quality of life for his visually impaired wife and give her tools to help her in the home and in raising their children. Nicole uses a combination of iPhone accessibility options, specialized apps and Siri to stay connected to family, friends, and her children teachers. Nicole also has a blog where she shares her experiences as well as recipes that she loves. Knowledge is only valuable when it is shared with others. Brandon felt that a blog would be the best outlet to share the things he has learned using technology in his own family, in education, and in business. Hopefully this unique blend of thinking and knowledge transfer will help those who stumble onto Flipcaster.